Lithgow Musical Society


As Theatre Royal Musical Society
1987 Christmas at the Royal Variety

Move to Lithgow High School, remamed Lithgow Musical Society
1988 Bicentennial Variety
1988 Xmas 88 Variety
1989 Guys & Dolls Musical
1989 Xmas 89 Variety
1990 Showboat (I) Musical
1990 Xmas 90 Variety
1991 Call me Madam Musical
1991 Xmas 91 Variety
1992 My Fair Lady (I) Musical
1992 Xmas 92 - Around the World Variety
1993 Camelot Musical
1993 Xmas 93 - Sing a Rainbow Variety
1994 Annie Get Your Gun Musical
1994 Xmas 94 Variety
1995 Fiddler on the Roof Musical
1995 Xmas 95 Variety
1996 Brigadoon Musical
1996 Xmas 96 (Broadway Shows) Variety
1997 Oklahoma Musical
1997 Xmas 97 Variety
1998 Pyjama Game Musical
1998 Xmas 98 (Musicals) Variety
1999 Pirates of Penzance Musical
1999 Xmas 99 - Movies Variety
2000 Showboat (II) Musical
2000 Xmas 00 - Around the World Variety
2001 Les Miserables Musical
2001 Xmas 01 - Seasons Variety
2002 Secret Garden Musical
2002 Xmas 02 - Mountains to the Sea Variety
2003 Me & My Girl Musical
2003 Xmas 03 - Magic & Mystery Variety
2004 Sound of Music Musical
2004 Xmas 04 - Rhythm of Life Variety
2005 Anything Goes Musical

Moved to Union Theatre
2005 Xmas 05 - Old Time Music Hall Variety
2006 Mikado Musical
2006 Xmas 06 - Salute to Broadway Variety
2007 Beauty & the Beast Musical
2007 Xmas 07 - The Swinging 60s Variety
2008 Cats Musical
2008 Xmas 08 - Magic of Music Variety
2009 Titanic Musical
2009 Xmas 09 - Something for Everyone Variety
2010 Oliver Musical
2010 Xmas 10 - Around the World Variety
2011 My Fair Lady (II) Musical
2011 Joseph Musical
2012 Jekyll & Hyde Musical
2012 The King and I Musical
2013 The Producers Musical

Fiddler on the roof 1995 

Pirates of Penzance 1999 

               Les Miserables 2001

             Anything Goes 2005 

The Mikado 2006

Gavin Lyons as ----------------- with Mark Watchorn as ------------------------------ 

The Secret Garden 2002 

 Me & My Girl 2003


 and the Beast 2005? 

The Cast of Beauty and the Beast in the Final act. 

Alan George as the Candlestick and Leona

George as the Teapot 

 Beauty (Samantha Mitchell) and the

Beast (Gavin Lyons)

Lumiere Alan George with the

Cogsworth Chad Newton 


Cats 2008 

John Taylor prepares for his roll.

Paul Goodwin as     

Samantha Mitchell as 

 Gay Avery as the ageing Grisabellla.

Titanic 2009 

Josh Egan as First Officer Lightoller. 

Tiana Castello(    )   etc 

 The Titanic Crew as the First class passengers arrive

Justin Griffiths as Harold  Bride Titanic Radio Operator

Stephanie Davidson and ---------------------------------

Support the blueprints with Mr Andrews,

Titanics designer (Mark Watchorn) 

The young oficers of the Titanic Jayson Wilkinson,

Justin Griffiths,Josh Egan and Keelan Bresac. 

The Bridge, Mr ---------------- (Alec McNiven), Andrews 

(Alan George and Captain EJ Smith (Bruce Ryan)

Oliver 2010 

LMS were delighted with the two young members

who shared the roll of Oliver in the 2009 production. 


Isac Trounce down with the "cockroaches 

kept in a canister"

Jaiden Goodwin ponders the same fate

"where is love" 

Keelan Bresac (The Artful Dodger) and

Sh------------- -------  as Nancey. 

Gavin Lyons as the sinister Bill Sykes 

Mark Watchorn - Fagin in a lighter moment with

Oliver - Isac Trounce 

Jaydin Goodwin (Oliver) in his fine suit.

Oliver - Jaydin Goodwin, Dodger- Kellan

B   ----------- and Oliver - Isac Trounce. 

 Dodger (Keelan Bresack?) and his mates.

 My Fair Lady 2011

Samantha Mitchell wonderful as Eliza Dolittle. 

Mark Watchorn in the study 'enry 'iggins 

Michael Morgan as the Humerous Zoltan Carpathy? 

Beautiful as one of the Ladies in the

Ascot Gavort?

Stephanie Davidson. 


 Joseph and the Amazing

Technicolor Dreamcoat 2011

 Joseph (Mitchell Pearce) wonderful

 in the new coat with cast.

The ladies of Egypt chorus line. 

Young members of the "Joseph Choir" -------------

                                 Jekyl & Hyde 2012 


"The King and I" 2012

has it's own page

The Producers 2013 

has it's own page

 A Christmas Carol 2013

has it's own page